Various — What A Fine Mess We Made

AFF 006, Release Date: 11-04-2011 , Format: CD + Download  

We proudly present our first and exceptionally special labelcompilation. "What A Fine Mess We Made" is an intensely luminous drive-in lining up 14 exclusive tunes by the Affine famiglia, friends and international guests.

You get: Fu-Fu collective and all-starnot-to-be-fucked-with band JSBL ...Dorian Concept and his very own irresistible, distinctive touch ... Ogris Debris, proven experts for epic oscillations between techno and house music ...The Clonious and his bulletproof skills to buff up and transcend jazzed orbits ... Cid Rim and his eruptions through mythical formulas of staggered chord works ... Affine’s latest family member Zanshin and his astounding, enigmatic world ... Unpredictable and boundless vibes from Bucharest’s restless producer Cosmin TRG... our bridge to Brooklyn in form of KRTS and his fearless hugs of sonic beauty within the art of noise ... Sixtus Preiss, aspiring producer from Vienna and his bone-dry drums, gangster chord chops and future funk soli.

This is an amazing collection of genre-blasting gems which are destined to hit streets, clubs, radio stations, trains and intimate kitchens likewise..